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Friday 210910 4 Rounds For Max Reps

This Friday, September 10th, after the 4pm class, come to The Hut to meet and hear from 7x CrossFit Games athlete Brooke Wells! She’ll be coming to The Hut to chat and also for a time of Q&A at 5pm, immediately after the 4pm class finishes. Come meet her, hear about her CrossFit journey, and gather with your gym community! Bring a friend and some good questions. We’ll walk over to Howdy’s after 🙂

Kyle has been working hard on his mechanics and it is clearly paying off!

4 rounds for max reps:
1 minute max rep Alt. DB Hang Split Snatch (50/35#)
1 minute max rep Push-up Down-Dogs on DBs
1 minute max rep DB Bowtie Thrusters (50/35#)
-rest 1 minute-
post total reps completed each round and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
This triplet for max reps is going to require some thinking. Not because it’s a complicated rep scheme or a confusing template, but because all 3 components are movement variations that don’t show up all that frequently. Certainly the alternating DB hang split snatch will require much thought and coordination as you figure out how to best bring the DB down form overhead, where to switch hands, and what foot you like to send forward on the split. Don’t overlook the DB bowtie thruster though… Here, you’ll hold the DB by the heads instead of the handle (like a bowtie in the front rack) and squat to full depth, driving the DB to a locked out and stable position overhead. Use the same DB for the snatch AND the bowtie thrusters today regardless of which one is your weaker link. Show up humble and enjoy the learning!

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