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Thursday 210909 Front Squat, TTB, Cal Row

This coming Friday, September 10th, after the 4pm class, come to The Hut to meet and hear from 7x CrossFit Games athlete Brooke Wells! She’ll be coming to The Hut to chat and also for a time of Q&A at 5pm, immediately after the 4pm class finishes. Come meet her, hear about her CrossFit journey, and gather with your gym community! Our friends at Lululemon Malibu will also be here doing a giveaway! Bring a friend and some good questions. We’ll walk over to Howdy’s after 🙂 Click here to watch Brooke go through Open WOD 21.2

Another great Yoga session at The Hut! (photo cred Cecily)

21-15-9 reps for time:
Front Squat (70/50kg from the ground)
Toes to Bar
Calorie Row
post finish time and any scaling

Intended Stimulus
We’re looking to push the pace today, breaking off big sets of both the front squats and toes to bar, while hitting the ALL the rows hard. Get a loading and TTB scaling that allows you to take no more then 2 breaks on the set of 21. Then dial up the pace on the round of 15 and 9!

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