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Thursday 210826 Gymnastics + 3200m

This workout kicks off with a big chunk of gymnastics (50 toes to bar) before moving into some longer duration monostructural work (a mile row + a mile run). Go Rx on the toes to bar if you can string 8-10 toes to bar in a row at least once, otherwise scale to something that allows you to get 50 reps done in 5-6 sets. Note how long it takes you to complete the 50 toes to bar so you can add that data point into the SugarWOD notes section. Pace your 1609m row. Going near PR pace will not feel good when you unstrap and start your 1 mile run! In fact, going at a pace a few seconds slower on the row may end up allowing you to make up much more time than that on the run. Obviously, I’m not suggesting that you sandbag the row… just that you don’t blow up with a mile run still left to complete! After the row, head out of the yard at a fairly conservative pace, after all, you’re going to try and negative split this 1 mile run AND it keeps you safe in the yard. Pick up the pace a bit when you turn right onto Webb Way, and when you hit that turnaround point up Stuart Ranch Road, it’s time to give it everything you have on the last 800m back to The Hut! Remember, this entire workout is for time so leave a bit of gas in the tank after the TTB and after the row so you’re not trotting that mile run 😉 There is no time cap today… Just set a pace and get it done!

Becca PRs her deadlift as the next generation of CFMers watches intently

For time complete:
50 Toes to Bar
1 mile row
1 mile run
post finish time and scaling

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