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Tuesday 210824 Three 4 Minute AMRAPs

Congrats to Jonathan, María, and Matthew for completing their CrossFit Level 2 certification this past weekend in San Diego! We are proud of you and excited to experience your learning put into practice in our group classes and individual sessions here at The Hut.

I’m really thankful we were able to do the level 2 seminar because we were able to learn from an awesome and very wise seminar staff, as well as from all the coaches around us taking the course, too. I was, and continue to be, excited by the fact that I can keep learning and gaining new tools (cues, progressions, ways of demonstrating) to help make everyone a better mover, and overall more healthy. I was pushed and reminded to make sure I make every single person in the circle (or class) a bit better, and not to let anyone off the hook too easy (so you all can get ready for that in the future 🙂 !! But overall, it was humbling, engaging and just made me more and more excited about the impact I can have as a CrossFit coach and especially here at The Hut!



Workout of the Day:
4 min AMRAP:
18 Box Jumps (24/20″)
18 Table Top Ring Rows
Max Rep Step Lunges
-rest 1 minute-
4 minute AMRAP:
18 Step Lunges
18 Box Jumps
Max Rep Table Top Ring Rows
-rest 1 minute-
4 min AMRAP:
18 Table Top Ring Rows
18 Step Lunges
Max Rep Box Jump
post total reps completed across all 3 “max rep” sections and any scaling

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