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Wednesday 210811 5 Rounds Not For Time

This “Not For Time” style workout may be just what you wanted after yesterday’s long trudge though the weighted step-ups. We’ll work out some of that inevitable glute soreness with a nice long general warm-up before getting in a hang power snatch and TGU specific warm-up. You can build throughout the workout today and should consider all these sets, including the 5 working sets, skill work! Get the right inversion scaling so you can get 90 seconds with 0-1 breaks in the first round. The score you’ll post today is the total number of breaks you take during the 90 second handstands across all 5 rounds. Put all other important data (TGU load, snatch load, how you felt, what cues stuck out to you, etc.) in the notes section.

Dulcie smiles here way through some ring dips

5 rounds NOT for time:
5/5 Turkish Get Ups (AHAP, unbroken on each side)
5 Hang Power Snatch (AHAP, unbroken)
90 Second Handstand Hold (as few breaks as possible)

post number of HS breaks and any scaling

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