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Monday 210809 Shoulder Press + Deadlift 7×3

As we continue on into week 2 of our month of L-sits, many of you may already be noticing that the holds are becoming easier. That is a direct result of practicing the skill! This week, try for longer holds, or more difficult variations during the coach led minutes at The Hut, but also get in some L-sits on days you aren’t coming to a class. Use 2 stools or chairs, hang from a pull-up bar, or go from the ground. The challenge for you is to do a few minutes of practice all SEVEN days this week, starting Monday! Do you accept?

After today’s L-sits, you’ll build to roughly 80-85% of your 1RM for both the shoulder press and the deadlift. This should be accomplished in 3-4 warm-up sets (maybe 5 for the deadlifts) and you should move between the 2 lifts as you progress in load. Try for volume today, meaning the goal is to get at least 5 of the 7 sets at the same load. There is no prescribed transition time between pressing and deadlifting, so take your time transitioning, but be sure not to deadlift too close to the end or your 3 minute interval because the presses will start on the 3 minute mark!


Yoga on ZOOM with Maria Monday at 5:30pm!
Every 3 minutes for 7 rounds:

3 Shoulder Press (~80-85% 1RM)
3 Deadlifts (~80-85% 1RM)
post loading used across all sets

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