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Tuesday 210803 E3M For Max Reps: Burpee + C&J

This fairly straight forwarding looking 1:1 work:rest interval WOD is actually going to require a bit of strategy. All out sprint through the 12 burpees and risk not being able to get right to the barbell and get in rep after rep of clean and jerk (especially in the later rounds). Take the burpee pace too easy and risk not having enough time to accumulate clean and jerks, thus missing the stimulus. Ideally, you’d find a pace on the 12 burpees that is just conservative enough to allow you to stand up after #12, go right to the barbell and start getting reps of clean and jerk. You’re load is too light if you touch and go the entire time. Maximize every second remaining after your burpees! At the 90 second mark the round ends and everyone rests till the next 3 minute mark.

Stephanie, Jenny, and Madeline rack up the rowing calories during last week’s FGB style WOD. Welcome to the blog (and Hut) Jenny and Madeline!

On the 3 minute mark for 5 rounds:
12 Burpees
Max Rep Power Clean and Jerk (70/50kg) to the 90 second mark
post total # of clean and jerks and any scaling

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