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Thursday 210722 Push Press Preloading + AMRAP 12

The preloading of the push press is NOT meant to be a 5RM attempt. It is here for you to drill the technique and points of performance so that when you get to the workout of the day, the 12 minute AMRAP, the barbell feels light and your technique feels especially dialed in. Choose a load for the AMRAP that requires only 1 break during the first few sets. Scale the volume of DUs to something you can finish in less than 90 seconds and try not to treat the row like rest, but push the row pace. After all, its ONLY 12 minutes!

Bob and Dr Jo push the pace on the bike while Stephanie drive the KB up with powerful hip extension, finishing with the elbows high and outside.

Workout of the Day:
12 minutes to build to a moderately heavy and technically sound 5 rep push press
12 minute AMRAP:
500m Row
12 Push Press (50/35kg)
100 Double Unders
post completed rounds + reps and any scaling

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