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Wednesday 210721 EMOM 18


Every minute on the minute for 18 minutes:
Minute 1: 3 tempo back squats (3 second decent, AHAP)
Minute 2: 1/1 TGU (AHAP)
Minute 3: 3 wall walks
Post load used for back squat, post TGU load and any wall walk scaling in notes

Intended Stimulus
We’re looking for a TRUE 3 second decent on the back squats followed by a quick stand up. You’ll find a load that is heavy for you, but allows the 3 second lower BEFORE the EMOM starts and hold that load for all 6 rounds. These minutes will go by faster than you think, so be ready to transition and make it a goal to start the next movement in the top of the new minute. You can adjust load throughout on the TGU. For the wall walks, be precise with your movement. Demonstrate a solid stacked handstand position at the end with check touching the wall, and if you need to scale, start first by cutting the volume to 2 or 1 reps, and then shorten the range of motion by giving yourself a chalkline on the ground that you walk back to from your starting plank.

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