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Tuesday 210720 Big Chipper

Workouts like this tend to be crowd pleasers. There is something about the length, the large sets, the variance in movements, and the way you just chip away and move on that is really enjoyable. That’s not to say it’s a walk in the park, it will actually be quite difficult, but it’s an enjoyable suffering, one that leave you sweaty and feeling accomplished. So, get into The Hut and get this one done alongside your community. It is, after all, doing workouts like this with other people who are giving their best that pushes us to give it just a little more! Go for big sets on the barbell deadlifts AND the push-up down-dogs. the deadlift load should be something you can get 30 reps in 3-4 sets with SHORT rest.

Dane works his HS positioning by going toes on the rack

For time complete:
40 Abmat sit-ups
30 Deadlifts (60/45kg)
20 Push-up Down-dogs
1 mile run
20 Push-up Down-dogs
30 Deadlifts
40 Abmat sit-ups
Post finish time and scaling

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