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Wednesday 210616 Litvinov Variation

Parker gets the hip crease below the knee for a full depth back squat while keeping the weight in his heels and torso upright

5 rounds EACH for time:
6 Power Cleans (75% 1RM)
200m Sprint
-rest to the 4 min mark-
post all 5 times and any scaling, score is total time (SugarWOD will do the math for you!)

Intended Stimulus
You’re in for a treat with these 5 all out sprints! To hit the desired stimulus the run should be near all out. It is very easy on a day like this to slow up the pace as the fatigue starts to set in, but there is so much benefit, both physical and psychological, available to those who push the pace to the very end even as the legs and lungs start to burn on the last 50m or so of each run. The power cleans need to be heavy enough that you can’t just breeze through them. The load should require you to concentrate on a good setup and execution each time. Once your 6th clean hits the ground, take off running for a 200m sprint and right down your time as soon as you get back to The Hut! You should get more rest than work today so if the run takes more than 1:30, scale the distance a bit. Total working time is what we’re calculating today, but all you need to do is input your 5 rounds times into SugarWOD and it will do the clock math for you 🙂

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