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Thursday 210603 3 rounds for max reps

Take a look at all the PRs during the month of May! Way to put in the work day in and day out CFM. From PRs in “Handstand Helen”to many new 1RM Front Squats and everything in between, the PR board quickly filled up. Let’s do it all over again in June 🙂

The cats applaud all your May PRs!


3 rounds for max reps:
1 minute max renegade rows (40/30#)*
1 minute max weighted goblet box step-ups (40/30#)
1 minute max DB Hang Cleans (40/30#)
1 minute max toes to bar
-rest 1 minute-

*1 renegade row = push-up + row right + row left

Intended Stimulus
Find loads and modifications that allow you to move for nearly the entire minute. You’ll want to transition quickly between movements and push each and every minute of work considering there are only 3 rounds in today’s workout! Transitioning from the hang cleans to the toes to bar will get grippy, so work really hard not to “curl” your DBs on the clean. Get powerful hip extension, THEN shrug and pull with the arms. Allow one head of the DB to get to your shoulder and your elbow to drive through like a proper clean. This is a good place to relax the grip before cycling another rep. Again, only 3 rounds today so get after each and every minute!

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