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Wednesday 210519 TGUs+L-sits then Annie

Training days like yesterday’s 5×5 volume sets of deadlift are so essential to our program because they allow us to dial in our mechanics and get in a relatively high number of reps at a load we can manage, a load we can still make adjustments at. So many of you left The Hut yesterday with a better deadlift than the one you came in with! It’s also worth noting that volume work makes us stronger 🙂 Today, take the same approach with the TGUs and the gymnastics L-sit variation the coach prescribes for you. Dial in your technique from the very first warm-up set. Then, go and PR “Annie”!

Andy stands tall on the final rep of one of his sets of 5s

Workout of the Day:
With a 20 minute cut off:
Build to a heavy set of 2/2 Turkish get up
Parallette/Ring L-sit skill work between sets of TGUs


50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of:
Butterfly Sit-ups
Compare Annie to Dec 7 2018, April 19 2018, Nov 16 2017, July 20 2017, May 24 2016, Dec 30 2015, Jan 8 2015, Jan 6 2014, June 11 2013, June 10 2011
**Rowing Annie is a great substitute. Row in these increments: 150m, 140m, 130m, 120m, 110m

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