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Tuesday 210511 Front Squat 1RM

This past weekend, Debby competed in the CrossFit Games Age Group Online Qualifier, an event she qualified for by placing in the top 10% of her age division in the worldwide CrossFit Open! Over the course of 3 days she had to complete 5 judged workouts, many of which had high level gymnastics and heavy barbells. Here are some of the many highlights: Debby completed more than a few kipping handstand push-ups. She set a new PR on her overhead squat AND established a 4RM front squat. She successfully and skillfully climbed the 15ft rope (pictured below) 6 times! As many of you witnessed as you showed up for the 8am Saturday class, she did 75 power cleans before cranking out 63 double unders! And while all of this is so very impressive, it is the example she sets and the inspiration she is to all of us that I am most proud of. Thank you Debby for your incredibly positive attitude, your relentless pursuit of excellence, and you desire to get just a little bit better each and every day. We are so proud of you! What’s next?.. Well, we’ll see you at The Hut for another day of training 😉


Front Squat
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