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Wednesday 210505 50-50-50 Chipper

50-50-50 for time, what a chipper for a Wednesday! Simply chip away at the step lunges in large sets as you creatively move about your station. Your back knee will gently tap the ground on each and every lunge. After 50 bodyweight lunges comes the bulk of today’s workout… 50 burpee pull-ups! Have the mindset of “just keep moving” on these. There is no need to try and sprint through these, just chip away (sense a theme?). For those who need to get higher off the ground in order to get the jumping pull-up, use a box and do a burpee, then step-up, then jumping pull-up. After adjusting the height of the burpee pull-up, the volume of burpee pull-ups is the next thing to scale if need be. This is supposed to be a grind, so embrace it and have fun!

Joanna goes push-pull and shows just how versatile (and fun) the bike can be!

For time complete:
50 Step Lunges
50 Burpee Pull-up (tall/short pull-up bar)
50 Step Lunges
post finish time and any scaling

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