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Monday 210419 Power Clean and Jerk 5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1

Two housekeeping items before we get to the fun stuff:

1: Please be on time to classes. That means not only being in the yard or at The Hut, but being in your station and ready to grab a rower/ski/bike at the top of the hour. Starting late only takes away from the warm-up and skill work that is necessary to both get ready for the given day’s workout AND develop our skill for the future!

2: If you are signed into a class that you cannot attend please cancel your reservation as soon as you know you won’t make it. We have limited slots in each class. No showing a session you’ve reserved often times prevents other members from being able to attend that specific class session. We get it, things happen, things come up last minute, but please cancel your reservation as soon as you know you won’t be there. Thanks! Ok… now the fun stuff 🙂 Check out Dr. Jason getting that tripod position in his box strict hspu from last week. Even Doctors scale!


Yoga on ZOOM with Maria Monday at 5:30pm!

Power Clean and Jerk
Post heaviest set of 1 to SugarWOD

Intended Stimulus
After much skill work with an empty barbell and some light loading, you’ll start building in load after each set you complete. The ultimate goal is to hit a heavy set of 1 today, but don’t overlook the sets of 5s and 3s, they are there to get you some volume under load. The sets of 5 should be touch and go. You can drop during the sets of 3 if needed, but you must get right back to the bar. Rest 2 minutes between sets and even more between the final few sets of 1! Good technique is a prerequisite for adding load today.

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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