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Thursday 210415 Light Thrusters, Box Jumps, and Strict HSPUs

Team turquoise goes overhead with some synchronized American KB swings

3 rounds for time:
21 Thrusters (30/20kg)
15 Box Jumps (24/20”)
9 Strict Handstand Push-ups
Post time and scaling

Intended Stimulus
This SHOULD be a fast one, so long as you get the appropriate load on the bar for your thrusters and the right scaling for the strict handstand push-ups! You should be able to go through the 21 thrusters in 3 sets max. Many should try to go unbroken here! Unlike many of the thruster workout we see, these reps don’t decrease each round, so set a goal for how you want to break them up adn then rise to the occasion to hit your goal! Same goes for the handstand push-ups if you have that skill developed, 3 sets max. There will be many scaling options available for the strict HSPU (as is always the case for EVERY workout here at CFM) starting with adding some height under your head in the form of a plate, to going with feet on a rack, to feet on a box, and ending at the other end of the scaling spectrum with seated DB strict presses.

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