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Thursday 210408 “The Chief”

Becca gets in her 7×5 OHS skill work AND sets a PR in the process!

“The Chief”
5 sets, each a 3 minute AMRAP of:
3 Power Cleans (60/45kg)
6 Push ups
9 Air squats
Rest exactly one minute.
Post total rounds, reps and load.
Begin each new set where the last set left off.
Compare to 180130, 170614 (5pm class only), 150821, 150507, 140922, 140128, 130515, 120712, 090914.

Intended Stimulus
Five quick sprints! The rest is short and the work is fast-paced with very little rest during each AMRAP. With that being said, don’t let your technique falter, especially on the power cleans. Keep movements crisp and work with precision for three minutes at a time. Each power clean gets a good set up and then elbows through the plane of the bar at the finish. Each push-up gets chest to the ground and full extension at the top. Each air squat gets full depth AND full extension of the hips and knees at the top of each rep. Today, you’ll start the next AMRAP where you left off on the previous one. So, you will end up with one score of total rounds + reps across all 5 AMRAPS. Bring your journal or some scrap paper to keep an accurate tally!

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
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