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Tuesday 210406 5 rounds for fewest breaks

A big congratulations to Scott and Claire! They welcomed Sloane, their beautiful little girl, into the world just over a week ago. Join us in celebrating a new addition to their family and the CFM family 🙂 We are so excited for you both!


5 rounds for fewest breaks:
15 Russian KB swings (32/24kg)
1 min inversion
5 Strict L-pull-ups
:30/:30 side plank
Post total number of breaks on the inversion and side planks

Intended Stimulus
The goal here is to take the fewest breaks possible in the 1 minute inversion and 1 minute side plank. Zero is a perfect score. There will be many inversion options to choose from ranging in difficulty from pike on a box, to handstand shoulder taps against the wall, to free standing holds. Which version should you choose? One that is challenging enough that maintaining for the full 60 seconds is a stretch, but not TOO hard to where you’re kicking down after 15-20 seconds. For those without L-pull-ups, use as little band as possible that allows 5 strict pull-ups. These should not be easy! We’ll move through this entire workout as a class, starting the timed portions together every round.

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