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Friday 210402 Helen-ish

The PR board is officially back! Take a look at many of the PRs set in the month of March. More still went unposted as March was the “soft re-opening” of posting our PRs in the big room. As is typical, this coming month there will be many chances to get your name on this list.

Things that went unposted that deserve shout outs: all the PRs on 21.2 (17.1), more than a few first chest to bar pull-ups achieved, and 500m row PRs on the row/run WOD a few weeks back.

Keep up the good work! Consistency is the key to continually getting up on the PR board, as is showing up and making a concerted effort to hit the intended stimulus that is laid out for you. For today’s workout, lookup your Helen PR and you’ll have a time domain to shoot for 🙂 Pace the burpees here. There is no reason to fly through the first 21 reps only to have to break the KB swings and pull-ups more than you want to.


3 rounds for time:
21 Burpees
21 KB Swings (24/16kg USA)
12 Pull-ups
post time and and scaling to SugarWOD

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