We have LOTs of outdoor workout space

Saturday 210327 Open 21.3 and 21.4

The final week of the 2021 CrossFit Open is here and we have 21.3 immediately followed by 21.4! Make yourself familiar with the workouts HERE. Please sign up in advance on MindBody, arrive on time at 8am, and grab a box or bench out front of The Hut (keeping all standard social distancing protocols) just like the past few weeks! Please wear your face covering when you arrive, while you are judging someone, while you are watching, and after you have finished your workout. We’ll head over and grab Howdy’s after all is said and done.

Open 21.3
For total time:
• 15 front squats
• 30 toes-to-bars
• 15 thrusters
-Rest 1 minute-
• 15 front squats
• 30 chest-to-bar pull-ups
• 15 thrusters
-Rest 1 minute-
• 15 front squats
• 30 bar muscle-ups
• 15 thrusters

♀ 65 lb. ♂ 95 lb.
Time cap: 15 min

Workout 21.4 begins immediately upon completing or reaching the time cap for 21.3.

Open 21.4
Complete the following complex for max load:
• 1 deadlift
• 1 clean
• 1 hang clean
• 1 jerk

Time begins immediately following the completion of 21.3.
Time cap: 7 min.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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