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Monday 210322 5 rep Thrusters and a Finisher

Week #2 of the Open has come and gone. Well done to all the participants on Saturday morning! You should all be proud of your effort. How great was it to encourage and be encouraged by your fellow CFMers?! From Chandler, María, and Laura M tacking the 35# DB for the first time (and getting in hundreds of snatches between the 3 of them), to Dr. Jason and Mike M getting their first taste of burpee box jump overs in an open WOD, and to everyone else who absolutely sold out (see Thib below) to get as far as possible or done as fast as possible, we could offer endless shout outs! Lets get back in for another week of training. THAT is what makes the “testing” so rewarding 🙂


Workout of the Day:
20 minutes to build to a heavy 5 rep Thruster from the rack
5 minute AMRAP:
12/9 Cal Row
9 Thrusters (45/30kg)

Intended Stimulus
Notice the wording above… “a heavy 5 rep” does not necessarily mean “PR your 5 rep Thruster”! The goal is simply to build up to a heavy set of 5, taking 2 minutes between sets and eventually getting in 7 or so sets of 5 counting the empty barbell warm-up set. Then, you’ll de-load your bar for a fast and furious 5 minute AMRAP. You MUST be able to go unbroken on your 9 thrusters for at least 3 sets so choose your load wisely. Practice getting efficient transitions on and off the rower… who knows when we may see another WOD like this (this Saturday anyone?).

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