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Thursday 210318 Five Sprints

Watch the Open Announcement for 21.2 Thursday at 5pm on ZOOM by clicking here!

And stick around for Yoga on ZOOM with Maria at 6pm!

Chandler moves for quality in last Friday’s TGUs. Nice job!

Workout of the Day:
Row 500m for time
-rest as needed-
Run 400m for time
-rest as needed-
Row 500m for time
-rest as needed-
Run 400m for time
-rest as needed-
Row 500m for time
Post TOTAL time for all 5 bouts to SugarWOD

Intended Stimulus
Three bouts of rowing, with two bouts of running in between! Each one of these is for time and you’ll rest as needed between bouts. Ideally, you will rest 2x as long as the bout takes. So, a 2 minute 500m row should be followed by a 4 minute rest. A 1:30 400m run is followed by a 3 minute rest. When all bouts are complete add up the total working time. Row #1 isn’t necessarily a PR attempt… we all know very well how a 500m row PR can put us on our backs for some time! You should still row fast, but keep the fact there there are 4 more bouts to go in the back of your mind 🙂

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