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Thursday 210311 TTB, Ring Dips, and 400s

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Brett is a Pepperdine student training for BUDS and just finished up his elements sessions. Here he gets in some split jerk tech work. Welcome to The Hut, Brett!


18*15*12*9*6*3 reps for time:
Toes to Bar
Ring Dips
*=400m Run

Intended Stimulus
This one will be on the longer side, with five 400m runs, 63 TTB, and 63 Ring Dips, but once you get through the first 2 sets, it’s downhill! Go for big sets on the TTB, but break the dips into small manageable chunks so you avoid falling into singles. Those who can’t yet get a few ring dips Rx should still use rings, feet on a box or parallette. Take care to get full range of motion on every dip, full elbow extension on lockout and, keeping the rings tight to the body, elbow above shoulder at the bottom of the dip. Notice there is no run after the set of 3!

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