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Wednesday 210303 Box Jump Overs, Ring Rows, HSPU

Sandra hits a PR on her 3 rep OHS!

12 minute AMRAP:
12 Box Jump Overs
10 Supine Ring Rows (heels on 16″ Box)
8 Handstand Push-up

Intended Stimulus
Just keep moving for 12 minutes. This is easier said than done and will require the correct scaling on both the supine ring row and the handstand push-up. These 2 movements should be completed in 2 sets or fewer. On the ring rows, your heels will be on a 16″ box out in front of you and the straps of the rings will hang directly below the pull-up bar. Scale these by going without the elevated feet to table top position. Rings need to pull all the way into your rib cage and then elbows must extend fully before starting another rep. Scale the HSPU by going from a rack or box, and if further scaling is needed use down dog push-ups. The main goal with scaling of the HSPU is creating an inverted press while preserving the “tripod” position where the top of the head touches the ground slightly in front of the hands. Whatever your scaling, preserve this position as well as full range of motion.

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