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Tuesday 210216 Oly and Run

The new long sleeve CFM shirts are still available, but sizes are going fast! Get into The Hut early in the week for a workout and grab a long sleeve shirt on the way out. Andy got his and it has already proved to be the perfect second layer for those chilly 7am warm-ups! Rumor has it that María will even autograph it for you…

21-15-9 reps for time:
Clean and Jerk (60/45kg)
400m Run
post time and scaling

Intended Stimulus
Olympic weightlifting and fast running… classic! Finding a load that allows you to move through the clean and jerks in small, but quick, sets is critical to getting the high intensity stimulus that this couplet is trying to give. If you need to go singles on the clean and jerks, then the load is simply too heavy. There will be plenty of warm-up and practice that will help you make the right decision regarding loading, but for most athletes, if you’re on the fence between two loads, choose the lighter one for today! Then, run hard on every 400. There are only 3 of them, so do your best to avoid resting on your runs. It is better to run at a uncomfortably fast pace and find little rests between your sets of 3-5 clean and jerks.

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