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Tuesday 210209 4 rounds for Quality

It is so often that these “For Quality” days sneak up on us. They start off with a warm-up, move to finding the correct scaling or modifications, and then the workout starts. After a round or 2, the epiphany hits, “this rep after rep of dedicated practice IS truly sufficient for the workout of the day!” And that is why these WODs show up at The Hut, because in constantly seeking out better more quality movement rep after rep we get a challenging workout for the day, yes, but more importantly we get the benefit of increased skill. Skill that we can then use in our task or time priority workouts to be more efficient and in turn, accomplish more work in less time.


4 rounds for quality:
1:00 TGU right side
1:00 TGU left side
1:00 Handstand skill development
1:00 Strict toes to bar
1:00 Rest
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Intended Stimulus
Today we go for quality! There are 1:00 intervals for each movement, but the goal is to move well and develop more skill, not necessarily get as many reps as possible. You’ll build in load on the TGU in the warm-up and then use the same DB/KB in all 4 rounds of the workout. For the handstand skill development coaches will provide options that challenge you as an individual, but are not so difficult that you spend most of the 1:00 resting. Options include, but are not limited to: HS hold against the wall, wall walks, pike on a box, freestanding kick-ups to HS hold, kicking up to a HS against a wall with parallettes, etc. The final minute of each round before your 1 minute of rest is for strict toes to bar. The idea is to make these challenging! Scaling options include: slow dragon flag sit-ups, strict knees to elbows, slow strict knees to chest. Remember, focus on quality and constant movement!

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