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Wednesday 210203 5 round gripper!

You all know Julian as an energetic, insanely fit and really friendly member of CrossFit Malibu. He is about to take all of his abilities, hard work, and positive attitude into the US Air Force… They are fortunate to have him!

I have come to know Julian as a man of his word. When he says he is going to do some thing… He gets it done. Taking a months’ long road trip in his self-renovated utility truck, moving to Germany for a study abroad program, Mastering technical climbing routes, and lobster diving in the middle of the night. Of course, all the while checking back to crossfitmalibu.com virtually or in person, to get his workouts in so that he could qualify for the Air Force physical fitness requirements. I always told him that he was easily going to pass… but he didn’t just want to pass; he wanted to CRUSH the entrance test.

Congratulations on your next steps Julian… stay focused, walk the line, and keep your balance at all times.


5 rounds for time:
9 Power Snatch (40/30kg)
12 Toes to Bar
15 Cal Row

Intended Stimulus
This one is going to get grippy! The power snatches should be moderately light today. Getting through 9 in 1 or 2 sets should be your aim when scaling. Chunk the TTB in a similar fashion. Think 3 sets MAX for completing these 12 reps. Lastly, keep yourself at a notch below a grueling pace on the rower. You should be finishing your row in under a minute. In the workout today if you are not into round 3 by 7 minutes on the clock, then you will complete 4 rounds for time. If you are in or past round 3 at minute 7, you will complete 5 rounds for time.

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