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Tuesday 210202 L-sits and Deadlifts

Charlene gets proper triple extension on her power clean. Nice work!

Today’s Workout:
Practice L-sits for 10 minutes
Post loading for all sets to SugarWOD

Intended Stimulus
Static hold gymnastics and heavy deadlifts may seem like they don’t belong together, but upon closer examination we see the crossover in the demand on midline stability and the ability to develop strength and coordination. Plus, it is very likely like every single athlete that attends class will get to work on a weakness today 🙂 Typically, those athletes with massive DL numbers, tend to need work with bodyweight gymnastics and vice versa! After coach led L-sit skill development, you’ll get to an empty barbell for some DL positioning technique work. There will be a few warm-up rounds of 5 before jumping into the first working set of 7. The intention today is that the second set of 7, the second set of 5 and the final set of 3 feel heavy. Not necessarily 7, 5, or 3RM heavy, but heavy considering the volume of work today. At minimum, rest 2 full minutes between sets, and between the 3’s rest a bit longer. These are touch and go today, meaning the lowering of the bar with skill is just as important as how is lifts off the ground! So remember, get your hips tracking back on the way down so the bar can move straight down instead of having to track forward to pass around your knees!

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