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Tuesday 210126 Clean then Run!

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Tuesday’s Workout
12 minutes to build to a moderately heavy 3 rep Power Clean
1 Mile Run for time

Intended Stimulus
The intention with this workout is to receive 2 separate stimuli. First, after a thorough warm-up and intentional skill development with a light barbell, you’ll have 15 minutes to gradually build to a heavy set of 3 power cleans. These reps should be touch and go, not drop from the top and reset. Not only do we want the eccentric loading today, we also want to develop more skill in taking the bar from the shoulder to the ground (this is called barbell cycling). Over the course of 15 minutes imagine getting in 7-8 sets of 3 power clean. In other words, take 1:30-2:00 rests between all sets.

On the stimuli #2…. this is a PR attempt at a 1 mile run. There will be some run specific warm-up before the power cleans as well as some after. This is intended to be an all out effort so we will ensure you get a heart rate spike before 3..2..1..GO!


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