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Friday 210122 DU, TTB, Erg Chipper

Starting this Monday (Jan 25th) 5pm classes will be added to the schedule Monday through Thursday! Hope to see many of you there. As always, reserve your spots in advance.

Chandler and Shaya get full depth on 1 of MANY med ball cleans!

For Time Complete:
150 Double Unders
20 Toes to Bar
30/20 Cal Bike, Ski, or Row
20 Toes to Bar
30/20 Cal Bike, Ski, or Row
20 Toes to Bar
150 Double Unders
Post time and scaling to SugarWOD

Intended Stimulus
Let’s get right into the nitty gritty details here. The jump roping at the start and end of this workout should take no more than 3 minutes per set. So, scale the volume of double unders to make this possible, or go for 300 singles. 3 minutes is a long time to accumulate double unders, so challenge yourself with the number you choose if you scale the volume! On the sets of 20 toes to bar, choose a scaling that allows you to complete 20 reps in 4 or fewer sets. If you scale and can complete 20 reps unbroken, then your scaling was way too easy! Good scaling options for the TTB include, knees to chest, toes as high as possible, and hanging knee raises. Notice that you have three sets of TTB and only two sets of calories on the erg. Let that be a mental boost that allows you to push the pace fast for each of your erg efforts! You will use the same machine for both bouts. If you are in the big room with a ski erg in your station you will ski! If there is a bike in your station you will bike. All other stations will row.

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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