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Wednesday 210120 Sprint and Clean Intervals

A quick note on SugarWOD
Great job thus far logging your results into SugarWOD! As a coaching staff we want to continue to encourage all you athletes of CFM to be diligent in keeping data. With this new tool, you’re able to easily input your workout data into the SugarWOD app. Over time you’ll build up endless data points that will be right at your finger tips (much like you have in your journals)! You know how useful this is in helping you track progress over time, plan for those heavy days, and know what you need to do to hit those PRs. So, continue to add results into SugarWOD, interact with each other in the comments, and give out some fist bumps. If you don’t yet have SugarWOD, download the app and set CrossFit Malibu as your home gym. Us coaches are always up for helping you get comfortable using this new tool.


Every 4:00 for 5 rounds (EACH round for time):
200m Run
5 Power Cleans (90/60kg)
Post time for EACH round and any scaling to SugarWOD

Intended Stimulus
Simply put, the intended stimulus is that you complete each round as quickly as possible. Notice the prescribed loading…this further helps guide you in hitting the intended stimulus (even if you don’t go Rx)! In order to get the stimulus you need to use a challenging load for the power cleans. For most, these will be 5 single power cleans with a drop and reset between each rep. If you can drop and get right back to the bar for another lift, then it is still a bit too light. You should need to take a few breaths, really focus, and reset before hitting another power clean. Now let’s talk about those runs: RUN FAST! Pacing these 200s too much will totally blunt the stimulus, so dig deep at the start of each round and give full effort on the running (being safe entering and exiting the yard, of course)! The goal for all athletes today is to have at minimum a 1:1 work rest ratio, meaning at most the work should be done in 2 minutes, leaving you 2 minutes to rest. If you finish a round in 1:40, then you have 2:20 to rest. You will record the time for all 5 rounds in SugarWOD along with the load you used and any additional scaling.

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