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Monday 210118 DB Snatch, Push-up, Row

Throwback to Maria going full hip extension on some DB Cleans all the way back in July



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35*25*15* reps for time of:

Alternating DB Snatch (50/35#)

Push-ups (ACFT Standard)

*= 500m Row (or 400m Run)

Intended Stimulus

This triplet of decreasing reps is sure to be a crowd pleaser! The intention today is to challenge yourself a bit with the load of the DB Snatch. Pick something that you may need to break up 2-3 times on the set of 35 reps. The push-ups are a different story. Break these up early and often in round 1 (think 10s, 7s, or 5s) so when you get back to that set of 25 you’re able to stick with a the same plan instead of going to singles or doubles. Keeping your 500m split time around your 1k row split time will provide a challenging yet attainable pacing goal. How convenient that this WOD ends with a 500m row 🙂 After your set of 15 DB snatch and push-ups, get on that rower quickly and leave it all on the rower! Some things to remember: both heads of the DB need to touch the ground on every DB snatch. You chest needs to touch the ground on each push-up, and if you decide to run today, be careful running in and out of the yard all 3 times!

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