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Thursday 210114 Jump, Step, Press

3 zoom sessions today: 7am, 9am, 4pm Password: TheHut

Yoga on ZOOM with Maria is Thursday at 6pm!

Intended Stimulus
Today we have a sneaky 3 round triplet. It’s sneaky because often times we see box step-ups in a WOD and immediately look to the other movements to see where the challenge lies. Maybe it’s because the simple weighted box step isn’t sexy or doesn’t require a ton of skill, but today it is certainly the grunt work challenge smack in the middle of each round! After completing 100 double unders (2x singles, penguin jumps, or a lower volume of DUs are all great scalings for today), you’ll move to that big set of 30 weighted box step-ups. Here, try to go unbroken. That likely means picking a pace that is a touch slower than normal, but this will pay off when you save ALL those seconds you would have spent resting! Then, after 30 steps, grab your barbell for a safe and efficient power clean and get in 15 push presses. Choose a load that allows 15 reps to be completed in 2 sets or so. You have the choice of using a barbell or DBs 🙂 Repeat this 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds…record your time…congratulate your zoom comrades…. and smile…because FridayThe Hut is back open in person.

3 Rounds For Time:
100 Double Unders
30 Weighted Box Step-ups (50/35#, 24/20″)
15 Push Press (50/35kg or 50/35# DBs)
Post finish time and scaling to SugarWOD


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