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Thursday 210107 Four, EACH for Time

Three ZOOM sessions today, at 7am, 9am, 4pm Password: TheHut

Yoga with María at 6pm… has returned to Thursdays Password: TheHut

Photo: Darryl, post-zoom session on the beach at dusk

4 Rounds, Each for Time of:
10 inverted burpees
20 single arm KB push press 24/18 kg
30 KB swing USSR same load as the press
Rest Exactly 1 minute

Intended stimulus
Lots of hip hinging today. Don’t get too worried about those inverted burpees— for some of you, this is a chance to try something new; for others, its a chance to practice being upside down. Regardless, the goal is to get inverted in some way or another. Four rounds, EACH for time. And one minute of rest… roughly a 4:1 work:rest ratio. In other words, a SPRINT for around 3-4 ish minutes and a single minute of breath-catching before getting back upside-down. The presses should be hard, like a mental battle to not set the weight down. And the same thing for those kettlebell swings. Keep swinging through the end, try for an unbroken set of 30!

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