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Thursday 201231 Pull ups and Carries

Live ZOOM WODs at 7 and 9am today (no 4pm session) Password: TheHut

Try Making These Mobile Pull Up Straps

Welcome to the edge of 2020. Walk out on the bluff and get ready to fall off the cliff, right into 2021. Or maybe you want to be a bit more assertive… right off the edge in a squirrel suit and float all the way down. Or how about this one- launch with a hang glider and ride a thermal updraft and just keep going. Never know where you can take it. That’s the way I think about the new year. The cliff is simply a passive by stander. It’s only changes happen in geologic time and the only control I have is what I do with it.

Two Classes this morning and then the coaching crew is taking the New Years Evening off… and we will be back on Friday at 9am and Saturday at 9am. Join us for a big NYD WOD and then the first Saturday Session of the new year.

For time complete:
(21*)-18-15-12-9-6 pull ups
100m farmer carry (50/35# DBs or KBs or mix)
Post time, load, scaling to SugarWOD
*the round of 21 reps is an Rx+ option… how do you know you qualify? Only if you are using the Rx load AND can do the first set of 21 pull ups unbroken. THAT’s how you know.

Pull up, Carry. 5 rounds. End on 6 pull ups and a carry.

Intended Stimulus
Fast sets of pull ups and a trip around the farm. Grip strength will definitely get taxed… so move quickly with the carries. Nobody ever said you have to walk, so make it snappy, fast feet. It is understood that many of you lack some basic equipment to complete this one so keep reading for substitutions.

Of course pull ups can be adjusted in any way- use your door frame pull up bar, a beam in your backyard or garage. No pull up bar or rings? Look for a railing OR even a really sturdy table to do body rows.
A complete “sub” for this is a bent over row with a barbell that is equal to the weight of BOTH DBs you use for the farmer carry. So if you are using 20 or 25# DBs for the carry- use an empty barbell for the rows. IF you are going Rx for the carry then you will use a 100# barbell!
Another option is to do single arm bent over rows with EACH arm: 18 reps on the right and 18 on the left.
Hold Grip Strength. Yep.

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