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Tuesday 201229 FGB Version

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Fight Gone Bad Version
Three Rounds of 5 movements, one minute each for max reps of:
Single arm, alt DB snatch 50/35#
Box jumps 20/16″
KB swings 24/18kg
Single arm, DB push press 50/35#
Rest exactly one minute
Post total number of reps for each movement through the workout

Intended Stimulus
Today, our workout is in the style of Fight Gone Bad, homemade version. You have a minute, or about 50ish seconds, per movement to get as many reps as you can, jot down your number of reps and then move on to the next, so on and so forth, until you get to your lovely one minute of rest. Find a seat, breathe, focus and get ready for the next two rounds. After the first round, you will have a better understanding of how to push your body, when to set the dumbbell down to shake your arms out, and when to rest. The goal is max reps here and that minute of rest between rounds is to serve as your reset. Aim to get as many reps or more as the first round. You. Got. It.

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