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Monday 201228 TTB and Deadlifts

We return with the final week of training for the year. Another “compare to” that might include some movements that you might not have access to in terms of “going as prescribed”… and if that is the case, then thing of these movements as a “hip closer” and a weightlifting “hip closer” and then go about scaling and substituting… take a look below at the Intended Stimulus as well as the Suggestions. Better yet, join us at 7 and 9am again at 4pm on ZOOM

Live ZOOM WODs at 7, 9am and again at 4pm Password: TheHut

Tuesday’s WOD at 7, 9am again at 4pm
Five rounds for time of:
15 Toes to bar
12 Deadlifts (80/55kg)
Record load, time and scaling
Compare to July 7, 2020

Intended Stimulus
A gymnastic “hip closer” and a weightlifting “hip closer”- in a fairly high repetition setting with only moderately heavy load. The load for the deadlifts should allow you to get all 12 unbroken- but you will likely choose to break them up during the workout at some point. Load should be at about 50-55% of 1 RM. These should never be dropped and most should go unbroken. Toes to bar intention is small sets and very short breaks. Preferred are “actual” TTB at a slower pace instead of scaling ROM and fast. SO- if you can do Rx movement but it takes you a while, then simply scale the number of reps. Consider 2 minutes of TTB the maximum time allotted for the first and second sets, then 3 minutes per round in the latter stages. Today on TTB, “If you CAN, you SHOULD.”

Substitution Suggestions
If you don’t have a bar or rings to hang from- instead of toes to bar do a toes to fingers “sit up.” The same range of motion as TTB, but you are on your back, hands up over head, a horizontal version of hanging from a pull up bar… then you keep your hands fixed and bring your toes up to your hands. You can hold on to some DB or a KB overhead as an anchor. A scaled version is bringing your “toes to ceiling.” If you don’t have a load heavy enough to challenge you then get together what you do have- and go as heavy as possible. If you don’t have enough to make 15 reps tough- then you can add more reps up to 18 reps per round, but don’t do any more than that!

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