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Thursday 201224 Four Rounder

Morning Zooms only today… 7 and 9am class sessions Password: TheHut

Merry Christmas Eve! We will take Thursday evening and all Christmas Day off… see you again on Saturday morning ZOOM at 9am.

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Thursday’s WOD- “Leg Day:)”
Four rounds for time of:
36 air squats
24 weighted box step ups (40/25# object with a 24/20″ box)
12 power cleans (50/35kg)
Post time, load and any scaling

Some Notes on today’s WOD
Light, fast body weight squats, followed by a bit of a trudge with a moderately heavy, moderately high step up, finishing with some power. Use any heavy object to step up to a bench, chair, or a box if you have one. These are not meant to be too overwhelming… so a steady and consistent pace are expected. Same with the cleans really. IF you are going Rx- you should very capably get 6 reps in a row without stopping. These should be touch and go, taken from the ground. If you have some DBs, those will work… just lower them to below the knees for each rep.Kettlebell cleans can work too, if you are familiar with them. IF you only have a med ball… try 12 powerful medicine ball launches.

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