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Wednesday 201223 Triplet AMRAP

Live ZOOM WODs at 7, 9am and again at 4pm Password: TheHut

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Wednesday’s WOD
As many rounds as possible in 16 minutes of:
4 standing broad jumps (90% of 1RM)
8 Army Combat Fitness Test Push ups
16 sit ups

Intended Stimulus
A longish test with a powerful jump at an almost max capacity, a tough push up standard, and a slog thru some sit ups to prepare for more big jumps. After practicing some jumps and warming up… you will take THREE 1RM efforts. Then by marking off 90% of your longest jumps’s distance- you have established your personal “Rx” jump for this workout. After a couple rounds, these push ups will might be come tough… don’t cheat the movement! BUT the way to scale these today is by doing either training push ups OR even knee push ups are OK today. The sit up is any way you like: butterfly, long legs- and you CAN kip these today. Look at the clock after one full round- then try and keep up the pace.

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