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Monday 201221 Thruster -n- Shuttle

7am. 9am. 4pm Live Zoom sessions with YOU today.- link below

So, here we are… amidst the holidays and ready to get in some training to round out the year 2020. This is NOT new to any of us. Just log in during one of the 3 daily class times (they could change from day to day, but we will start with these) and get in a good workout. We will warm up, get some mobility, so some skill pieces, go hi intensity for a bit, then cool down. Show up and you’ll be fine. The intention is that the LINK stays the same each day.

We have set aside a few more pieces of equipment for those of you who couldn’t make it Sunday afternoon. Still waiting to hear from a few of you… please just check in if you’ll be out of town- so we know not to hold on to anything for you. If you come back next week- you can get some things then.

Monday’s WOD
Every 3 minutes for 8 rounds, each for time, of:
8 Thrusters 40/35#DB or 45/30kg barbell (unbroken sets)
8x8m shuttle sprint (100m row sprint/20sec bike sprint)
Record finish time for each round.
Rest the remainder of the 3 minute time block

Intended Stimulus
Find a load that feels like a “Fran” that you can finish ALMOST unbroken. Today you should be able to do MOST, maybe even all of the 8 sets of 8 thrusters without a break. That means less than 30 seconds of ‘thrustering’. You’ll put that down then head right into a shuttle sprint that should take 20-30 seconds. You’ve just done 1 minute of high threshold activity. You deserve 1 minute of heavy breathing, one minute of rest, then go again. For non-runners- get in a row or bike. Otherwise, 8-12 burpees will do the trick.

As you begin your 3 weeks of at home/zoom training- start to take on the challenge of thinking about the intended stimulus and adapting the written workout with what you decide to do on your own. Sure you can ask questions… but you can also participate in the mental exercise of deciding what to do to fulfill the intended stimulus.

Attending the live session is a REALLY GOOD IDEA. Next best is to tackle it on your own. Warm up properly. Convince someone to join you!

Live Zoom Sessions at 7, 9am and again at 4pm!

Meeting ID: 823 4657 3551
Passcode: TheHut

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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