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Friday 201218 TGUs and an AMRAP 10

At the Hut have a long-standing tradition of collecting data from our training days as a way to both track our improvements as well as to confirm our strengths and inform us of our weaknesses. We have loved the pencil and composition notebook; our athletes are known for their rigor in writing down workout results. Lots of analog data is better than only a little bit of digital data. We also love the ability to quickly search for and analyze our stats, and this is where the handwritten journal falls short. Many of us will continue to use our journals but we also want to enter into a new era of making the data that we collect more usable. We have chosen SugarWOD as our new method of tracking workouts and performance.

You can now see The Hut WOD, log your results, and encourage your fellow athletes!

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Friday’s WOD
Take 10 minutes to work up to 3 reps Turkish Get Ups
Record max 3 rep loading on each arm
As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
10 burpees
15 medicine ball cleans (20/14#)
20 medicine ball reverse step lunge in front rack position
Record number of rounds and remaining reps

Intended stimulus
Show up warm and ready to go because today were jumping right into the Turkish get ups. You’ll do a few with no load and then the coach will start the 10 minute clock where are you will build to a heavy three wrap on each arm. That means that you will do three consecutive Turkish get ups without resting between them. That will likely keep the load lighter than normal and that’s OK! Then, you’ll get to a medicine ball and go through brief practice of the med ball clean and reverse step lunch. The goal for this simple 10 minute Amrap is to move the entire time. Try and go unbroken on all sets of medicine ball cleans if you can!

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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