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Thursday 201217 ROW Only

Monostructural movement workouts- like we have programmed today with the four sets of rowing- are admittedly not super sexy. They don’t have the Instagram-ready movement pic like the bottom of an overhead squat or the top of a muscle up. It was EASY to choose the cool sled push pic below instead of a rowing pic; Aaron looks awesome sprinting with a sled and just about NOBODY looks remotely interesting grinding away on a stationary rower!

And within this simple anecdote lies an important truth: repeated struggle deep within the mundane lies the keys to the kingdom. Many can gut out the final finish to glory… but it is the slog in the trenches day-in and day-out that puts you in contention for the title. By round 2 or 3 on the C2 today, you will truly understand what we are talking about here!

Thursday’s WOD
Four rounds each for time on the four minute mark:
600/500m row
Record EACH row time

Intended Stimulus
Do you notice the novelty in today’s work out? Typically this would be programmed as a 500m row on the four minute mark, but today we will row 600/500m on the four minute mark, each boat will be for time. So, if your 500m row PR is 1:45, you can expect this to take about 20 seconds longer. There is an inherent challenge here, knowing what the last 100m of a 500m row feels like and having to hold on for yet another 100m per hour today 🙂 A suggested pace is roughly 5-7 seconds slower than your 500m PR pace. Keep in mind… this is NOT rest as needed, so if you crush it, you will not recover in time. You MUST start subsequent bouts ON EXACTLY the 4 minute mark. It’s part of the fun.

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