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Tuesday 201215 SQUAT!

We head into day 2 of our new format... take a look at the video below for some ideas about what you might do for your general warm up before you show up at the Hut for your session. AND head back to the park for some stretching and cool down in the park as well! OR order your Blue Bottle and get in some mobility work in the amphitheater while you wait for your pour over.

Keep in mind that a general warm up is just that: a GENERAL warm up. It doesn’t necessarily need to have anything to do with the WOD, just focus on getting heart rate up, the muscles warm, and some sweat going.

And if you have any feedback or suggestions about at the new format… just send an email. Thanks in advance.

Tuesday’s WOD at 7, 730, 9, 930, and again at 4, 430, 5pm
Build to a moderately heavy set of 3 back squat (75-80%)
Every 2 mins for 7 sets
3 back squats
30 heel to hand mtn climbers

Intended stimulus
Remember to get nice and warm on your own before class. Getting some alternating lizard lunge, some air squats, some step lunges, and more lizard lunges held for some time to get some squat stability… and watch the video above to get more ideas on the general warm up. Then you’ll get right to class for basic barbell warmup before starting to add load and back squat from the rack. You’ll do an empty bar set of 10, a set of 5 and then 3-4 sets of 3 reps to get to 75-80% of 1RM (for those who don’t know what your max is, just build up to something that is moderately heavy, some thing there’s no doubt you can make). Then the coach will start the clock and every 2 minutes you’ll do 3 back squats at that load right into 30 heel to hand mtn climbers. You’ll do this 7 times!

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