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Wednesday 201209 Max for Minutes

Barbell Logic
Some universal truths regarding barbells: they have a certain form with many similar physical characteristics across most barbells such as the shaft with a variety of types of knurling for grip, sleeves of differing lengths depending on the type of bar, various markings differentiating power lifting and olympic weightlifting sections. They are of a certain mass; typically 20kg for men’s competition, 15kg for women’s competition, and 10kg for juniors. There are differing bar circumferences and is common for the 20kg bar to measure 28mm and the 15/10kg bars are often 25mm- seemingly small differences but very easy to notice once gripped. The descriptions of variety and differences could go on and on… but the purpose of this post is to simply state that the main differences are only important to note when in competition. If one were to be specifically training for a comp- then a solid argument to be made for the “RIGHT” bar to be used in training. The rest of these comments are not universal in their nature, but rather, they apply to barbell usage at the Hut.

While these differences in bars DO exist, the rationale for using a certain specific bar should not matter much at all. In fact, there is a good argument to be made for switching up what bar you use- the load and the bar thickness. Get used to something that you are not used to, and you make a physiological adaptation as well as often overcoming a mental block that might have existed in the past about using a certain bar for superstitious or other reasons.

The MAIN reason to choose a specific bar in a workout (in my opinion) is so that the plate loading you use will lend itself to dropping the bar safely if need be. Don’t use more than one piece of change if dropping more than a single rep or so every now and then. Bumper plates of 10kg or larger should be the only ones dropped intentionally over multiple repetitions. The plastic technique plates should never be used for multiple reps alongside any other plates- bumper or change.

Finally- when you arrive at your station and there is a barbell already there- consider using that exact bar. Just try it out. If it is just too heavy for you OR if it doesn’t fit into your plan of arriving at a good load to drop multiple times- then use it! Try it out… it won’t make much difference and it will expand your experience.

Yoga with María at 6pm tonight via zooooooom 
anyone/everyone is welcome to attend… pass the link on!

Another barbell pic in a current installation of power clean shots. Here is Paul, ready in the hang.

Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9, 10am and again at 4 and 5pm
4 rounds for max reps:
1 min supine ring row
1 min box jumps 24/20″
1 min plate OH rev step lunge 20/10kg plate
1 min double Unders
1 min rest
Record total number of reps per movement AND maybe even your new double under max reps PR!

Intended Stimulus
Today we have another 20 minute workout (actually it’s 19), but it will feel much different than yesterday’s! In every movement you should be able to keep moving for the majority of the minute. That rest at the end of each round is going to go by fast so try just sitting on your box and focusing on RESTING rather than letting it slip by. On the lunges make sure you lock out your elbows overhead! This is a great day to practice double unders if you can do a few. 

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