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Monday 201207 Deadlifts 7×3 and a Finisher

Primum non nocere
A fundamental principal in bioethics and across the medical treatment field is often translated as “Do No Harm.” A more broad look at this concept is that in any given problem or situation, there exists a potential option that doing nothing might be a better solution than doing something, just for the sake of doing something. Each one of us, whether conscious of it or not, has decided that undertaking a physical training program imparts more GOOD than HARM to us as individuals. As coaches, we make choices that apply to large groups and then make more nuanced decisions on an individual basis regarding what athletes do at the Hut. With the overriding principle of primum non nocere in mind- coaches and athletes tacitly come to mutual agreements on a daily basis regarding the nature, the volume and the difficultly level of the work that is prescribed and then accomplished. Seek out, on a daily basis, that solution that is ‘just right.’

Te Cura
A corollary to the above discussion, I would suggest, is “Take Care of Yourself.” Given the workout listed, coaches provide guidelines for scaling, modifying and/or substituting certain movements. The coach/athlete interaction sometimes is short and sweet (‘substitute sit ups for the toes to bar’) sometimes it is part of a long history of discussions, phone calls, meetings, emails in which coach/athlete have been addressing an issue that is ongoing. Coaches won’t usually be able to know about issues you don’t discuss with us. And we can’t get inside your body and FEEL what you are feeling. Recovery, mobility, days off, active rest… all part of maintaining your physical fitness. Many of you have no problem getting in here and working yourself into oblivion. Keep a long-term perspective. Lots of people are involved in giving you input but ultimately, take care of yourself.

Douglas grinds away on some power cleans in last Saturday’s WOD, “The Chief”

Monday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9, 10am and again at 4 and 5pm.
Record number of sets at heaviest load
Compare to Sept 23rd 2020, April 17 2019, Oct 31, 2018- 3 rep, for volume, April 27 2018 3 rep max day.
3 rounds for time:
20 Abmat sit ups
10 burpees
Record time and scaling

Intended stimulus
When you show up today, don’t even think about the tiny three rounder waiting for you at the end of class. Instead, intentionally focus on everything the coaches present to you in the warm-up and skill work in order to build to the heaviest three rep deadlift that you can. After the general warm-up and a few warm up sets of five, you’ll have seven sets of three reps each to build to one last final heavy set of three. If you have a number in mind, make sure you backwards plan from that number to ensure that the jumps you make are appropriate. Between sets, rest two minutes and towards the last few sets, rest three minutes. NO intentional dropping today… but touch and go is TOO LIGHT. Then after you’ve built to a heavy set of three, maybe even set a PR, the coaches will present to you a three round Sprint of 20 sit ups and 10 Burpees.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
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