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Friday 201203 “Helen”

Here is a WOD preview of today’s work from way back in the month of May- during quarantine closure. You did Helen from home… and might not have been able to do it as intended… hopefully you can get to the Hut today and do so! If not, remember that 90 period where you did them all from home. And then simply get it done!

Three rounds for time of:
400m run
21 KB swings 24/18kg USA
12 pull ups
Post time, load and scaling
Compare to May 15 2020, July 25th and May 7 2019, Sept 12 2018 and May 11 2018, May 2 2017

Intended Stimulus
This is a 3 round triplet with a monostructural, gymnastic, and weight lifting movement that is intended to be finished in under 10 minutes, With all repetitions unbroken and a relatively fast run- it will be done in 7-9 minutes. A goal today is to go unbroken on the KB swings FOR SURE (as this has been a point of focus for us over the past few weeks) and to get in some pretty fast running. Now the pull ups have been a bit lacking in the past 60 days- but if you have a spot to do them… get them done!

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