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Wednesday 201202 HPCs and PJs

Eat Lean Protein with each Meal/each Snack. That essentially says- each time you decide it is time for a FEEDING, that some form of protein (preferably the lean variety) should go into your mouth as well.

Protein taken along with carbohydrate can help to balance out blood sugar levels, can blunt the insulin response, and (along with fat) help to provide satiety to a meal or snack. High carb meals may take a long time to feel full while eating and can cause hunger to return soon after meal time (the Chinese Food dilemma). When eating carbs with protein- carbohydrates will help transport the nutrients from protein to the muscle cells which aids in muscle growth.

It is fairly straight forward to get protein and carbs integrated with actual meals- fruit/veggies and meat or fish, chicken, salad and sweet potatoes, eggs in the morning with some fruit, etc, etc. It might take a little more planning and preparation to do so with your snacks. Here are some ways that might be helpful:

A few ounces of turkey with half an apple and some almonds.
Greek yogurt with walnuts and some blueberries
Fruit (kale even better!) smoothie with 2 scoops of protein powder
Some other quick proteins to eat alongside your fruit/veggie snacks are hardboiled eggs and beef jerky.
For our vegetarian friends, proteins are found in nuts and beans and smoothies can be easily made with maca and hemp protein powers. The key is planning and preparation. I usually try and have 2-4 ounces of beef, chicken or turkey leftovers from the previous night that I eat with my snacks throughout the following day. When faced with a handful of quarters and a vending machine, Carb-Only snacks can easily win out!

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Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9, and 10am and again at 4 and 5pm
12 mins to build to a heavy 3 rep hang power clean
12 mins to build to a heavy 3 rep push jerk (off the rack)

Intended stimulus
It is a heavy day (or if you are new or returning, it is a technique day!) Today you will warm up the hang power clean and jerks together, at the same time, working back and forth between a few hang power cleans and a few jerks at a time. This will be done working through some technique drills and skills- bumping up the load only just a bit. Then the clock will start- giving you a maximum of 12 minutes to work up some heavy sets (of 3 reps each) with hang power cleans.  The loading can continue to increase if you “keep it clean”… this means a solid receiving position with a good front rack and feet in squat position. No starfish!  If you reach a load that is at your personal capacity and you still move time left OR if you max out your load using clean technique, then bump the weight down a bit and work on good movement, work on speed! Once the limit of 12 minutes has been reached, you will do the same routine with push jerks. Here- you can use the rack to save you from needing to do a dozen more cleans. Once again, good mechanics should dictate loading. And if you are wondering about your movement, then wait for a coach to watch your lift so you can get recommendations.

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