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Tuesday 201201 Triplet Part 2

Intended Stimulus: A Story
Think of today as a running workout that just so happens to have 2 other movements. Picture those other movements- the push ups and front squats- as obstacles. And the beauty of obstacles are that they serve as aspects in life that can be overcome and by doing so, growth takes place. Obstacles that are too big can overwhelm us to an extreme, can force so much bending that they can readily break us. To keep the analogy going -front squats at 200kg or 200 push ups per round would be just that- overwhelming to the point of breaking. Too much to take on TODAY and of course, they essentially negate the other movement- the 800m run x 3. Obstacles that are not big enough don’t involve any novel adaptation to overcome. So today, let’s seek out a right-sized obstacle.

Some front squats- heavy enough to make that next run wobbly, but a load that you can get through in one set. There is no rack allowed; simply clean it, get in 15 squats and then go on that next run. Now, 20 push ups equal a SMALL set for even a 3 round workout. Make these a bit more difficult on yourself. Many of you will blast through the sets unbroken- great. Others might take the approach of “small sets, small rests”- fine as well. Just don’t get yourself bogged down with singles. IF you think this might be you- then scale the difficulty level. And finally, the run: push the pace! Yes, despite the drunken sailor legs that will result from the squats and the speed of the turn. Those who cannot keep at a steady speed for 800 should try just 600. And for the orthopedically challenged (and perhaps the 5pm class in. the dark): Row 1000/800m or Bike 1.3/1.0 miles per cardio bout.

Father-daughter deadlifts last Saturday. Health and fitness Family Time!

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
3 rounds each for time:
800m run
20 pushups
15 front squats (45/30kg)
Rest as needed between rounds


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