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Tuesday 201124 Triplet Each for Time

I looked at Earth’s moon through a REALLY high power telescope the other day. The craters, highlands, and maria right there filling up the entire view that I couldn’t see anything else. The features appeared so close that I got lost in the details of it all… sort of freaked me out, actually. It looked so close, that I felt like I could get lost in it- it felt like I could touch it. But when I reached out my arm, I simply bumped the scope and my friend had to reconfigure the entire set-up.

During that time, I just looked up at the sky and took in the rest of the view. The distance planets, stars, moons serving as a backdrop for the outlines of the trees and roofline. Occasional puffs of coastal fog obscuring the pitch black darkness of the sky. My eyes relaxed and felt more at ease looking at the entire scene.

When you look at the triplet below… allow yourself to take in the big picture. See the context of how today’s session fits in with the whole thing. With fitness across a lifespan. Go ahead and get freaked out about ONE HUNDRED double unders or the relatively heavy load OR high reps of the cleans or the struggle of the burpees or the jumps over the bar. This is just one more of those tough WODs. Only at difficult as you push against it. Knowing the entire time that the effect that you are looking for exists in the push.

Tuesday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, again at 4 and 5pm
Complete 4 rounds EACH for time of:
100 Double Unders
12 Power Cleans (60/45kg)
10 Burpee Over the Bar
-rest 2 minutes-

Intended Stimulus
Today we have 4 rounds each one as fast as possible. You’ll want to choose a volume of DUs (or singles) that takes no more than 90 seconds in the early rounds. Find a clean loading that allows for some touch and go reps, but NOT 10 unbroken, and then sprint those 10 burpees over the bar! Rest 2 minutes and then go again. Use your phone as a split timer today because after rounds 1 everyone will be responsible for their own re-start time 🙂

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